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SAFETY LEARNING: Video Series on the Installation of Fall Arrest Systems.

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This Video Series from Rothoblaas details basic information regarding the installation, annual inspection and documentation procedures of fall arrest systems produced by Rothoblaas.

Topics covered in this Video Series include: the risks related to falls from height and the relevant standards of reference; solutions for attaching the fall arrest systems on various surfaces; and, assembly specifications and documentation procedures relevant to the installation of safety products. Also covered are selection criteria to access the coverage, range, and attachment strategies of fall protection systems to optimize the cost / performance ratio.

This Video Series from Rothoblaas contains 9 videos regarding the EN 795 regulation, the installation of single anchors points, supports for lifeline and documentation completion.

MODULE 1 : General introduction to the topic of fall protection systems | technical norm EN 795:2012 | technical norm CEN TS 16415:2013

MODULE 2 : Installation of TOWER support on different substructures

MODULE 3 : Installation of TOWERXL on different substructures

MODULE 4 : Installation of SHIELD on sandwich panels

MODULE 5 : Installation of Rothoblaas horizontal life line with its components

MODULE 6 : Installation of the anchor point WING on different substructures

MODULE 7 : Installation of Self weight anchor point BLOCK

MODULE 8 : Installation of the anchor point SIANK on standing seam roof

MODULE 9 : How to complete correctly the correct installation form

Speaker :  Dominik Paoli

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